Shapour's Tailoring: the exception, not the standard.

I recently asked Shapour's to deconstruct, recut, and reconstruct a Burberry cashmere overcoat and a Canali suit (including removing double pleats from slacks). Shapour's workmanship proved exceptional and the results remarkable. No one would suspect, even upon the closest scrutiny, the degree of alteration to which these items were subjected. Were I unaware the suit trousers were originally double-pleated, I'd certainly be unable to make the determination now.

I've since had Shapour's alter numerous items, including new suits, slacks, dress & casual shirts. In each case, I've been more than pleased with the results. On my recommendation, my friends and family have availed themselves of Shapour's tailoring talents and have been suitably impressed. 

On top of superior quality craftsmanship, reasonable rates, and swift turnaround time, you'd be hard-pressed to find two happier and more accommodating natures than Shapour and Claudette of Shapour's Tailoring.


Ken Jackson